Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Human Learning

The class session with the gentlemen from Apple, coupled with the the "Did You Know" video shared by Dr. Faverty, really showed me a snapshot at the exponential growth of information. I agree with the idea that we can't control it. But we can teach students how to function within it. For example, lots of print information is being made available digitally. What implications could this bring financially? Would it less expensive to provide technological access instead of hard copy books? I think this is certainly worth exploration.

And as mentioned in my last blog, what implications for assessment does the digitization of information yield? With increasing ease in publishing, who decides what constitutes scholarly work or not?

Will teachers (at all levels) be rewarded for teaching amidst this new paradigm or for continuing to replicate the old paradigm? Or will educators teach students how to function within any paradigm? Food for thought...

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Devon Hodgson said...


Maybe the answer is to teach students are to evolve through change and use technology as the variable rather than teach them the technology itself. We are stuck in our routines (Routine Action Theory) and students will end up in the same rut we as leaders are in if we just teach them technology. What if we taught them the way Dr. Faverty is teaching us? It isn't about the technology, it is about the leadership and learning. Why do we wait to learn this in doctoral programs? I wish someone would have challenged me to think this way when I was younger. Food for thought!