Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Forward Thinking in Action

I left class really inspired last night. I've always been one to imagine the possibilities and it was a pleasure to hear from our guest, Patrick, someone who has made a living out of staying a step ahead of what is now.

Truth is this that anything we consider important, we'll find a way to do it. Period. I understand that there are many barriers in the field of education that need to be knocked down if we're going to see the results we're seeking. But just because it requires a different approach doesn't make it impossible. As the leaders, it's our job to rally the troops in the new approach and make the zeal infectious. Enthusiasm can somewhat buffer that which we don't fully understand.

In business, leaders and managers are forced to thrive in discomfort and uncertaintity. Their very livelihood depends on it. To me, this is leadership at its best. It doesn't take much leadership to replicate that which is already prescribed. Education has never been forced to live in that uncomfortable place; therefore has taken solace in "there's always tomorrow." Their jobs will still be there and funding (on a large scale) is not in jeopardy. Trust me, there would be a sense of urgency on every level if funds and jobs were at stake. I'm not saying that it's all about dollars and cents. But there are incentives that will inspire people to rise from mediocrity and complacency to a place of expected excellence.


Karen Renee said...

None of us in C4 settle for mediocrity. Great statements Markel!

Vicki DeRosa-Kelly said...

Markel,I don't see the barriers that people are referring to. I see that it takes time to move forward. The biggest mistake that can be made is to take on too much at all once only to fail. Technology is just one of many areas that education is addressing, school violence is another. It is important that both areas are addressed. Maybe the barrier is the way we have to prioritize.